The moving plan

About six hours from now: Movers come, take all the big furniture to the new house, store it in a bedroom there.

Friday evening: I finish packing up all my remaining possessions, storing most of them in the condo garage; then I clear out of my condo and go stay at Kam's for a couple weeks, taking with me only what I'll need for the next two or three weeks. This means that tonight is most likely the last time I'll ever sleep at my condo.

Saturday: My renters move into the condo.

Late next week: Close of escrow on the new house.

Mid-June: The sellers of the new house move out, and I move in (and move the rest of my stuff from the condo garage to the new house).

That's the plan; we'll see how well it works.

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    Woohoo + good luck!


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