Assorted updates

It's been over a week since I posted anything substantive. Time for some updates:

Moved my couches into my living room, with the help of a dolly. Tried not to put myself in any situations that might result in a couch falling on me.

Brought in cleaners, who cleaned the new house very thoroughly.

Have twice walked downtown and picked up food to go, then brought it home and had it for dinner (plus leftovers the next day). Vaguely thinking of trying every restaurant on Castro, though I doubt that idea will last long.

Over the weekend, attended a wedding reception in a state park, and (unrelatedly) played two games of Pandemic.

(This may be the first time I've seen two games of Pandemic won in a row. The first one was at the beginner level as usual; but in the second game, we decided to try "normal" level for the first time, which made it even more pleasing when we won. Though we also found that winning can feel a little anticlimactic sometimes, if there's still a lot of disease prevalent throughout the world.)

Also over the weekend, brought another load of fragile and/or oddly shaped stuff to the new house, focusing on stuff that I didn't want movers to move.

Monday afternoon, the cable guy came and got my cable modem working, so now I have Internet. Sadly, it turns out few if any of the cable outlets in the house are hooked up to anything, so I don't yet have TV. But I haven't watched anything currently on TV since the end of Sarah Connor Chronicles anyway, so I don't really miss it. Oh, but I now see that the next Dr. Who special will be running on BBC America this Saturday; wonder if I can get TV working by then.

Speaking of TV, am starting season 5 of Gilmore Girls, and some things have finally happened that I've been wanting to happen since the very beginning of the series. I was momentarily tempted to stop watching, on the grounds that it can't get any more to my liking than this so any further episodes will only be a letdown, but of course I can't resist continuing.

Finally watched Terminator Salvation tonight. Really liked the premise and several parts and aspects of the movie, including several of the actors, but felt that a couple of central plot elements were pretty weak, and found the ending goofy. But glad to have seen it on a big screen, where the whole theatre vibrated every time a big machine showed up. (Just barely saw it on a big screen; it's gone from my closest theatre as of today, and I imagine it'll be gone from all the local theatres by tomorrow, or at least within a few days.)

The DVD of Caprica is sitting here waiting for me and Kam to get around to watching it. Soon, most likely. Also got DVDs of BSG (first half of season 4, the box with the goofy picture of Lee apparently staring at Kara's chest) and Sarah Connor Chronicles season 1 (definitely better than Terminator Salvation imo).

Tomorrow, the movers will be moving the rest of my boxes and bookcases to the new house.

What else? Rode my bike to work for the first time in a month (and the first time from the new house) on Tuesday, but then drove in this morning because I was running late, and discovered that the drive can take 15+ minutes (instead of the usual 5 or so) if traffic is bad on Shoreline. It took about five minutes to go one block on Shoreline this morning, for no reason I could see.

Finally put together a new editing schedule for the fiction department, after a couple months of promising to do so imminently. A huge relief to get that done, even though I'm still way behind on a bunch of other magazine stuff.

Sad to hear about Heather getting laid off, and various other friends' and acquaintances' recent travails.

Have been hanging out on IM more often than usual lately. On AIM, my username is my full first name followed immediately by my last name. My policy is that quick hellos are fine, but I'm almost never up for extended IM conversation, because it would eat up all of my time.

Have been sleeping without earplugs. May be part of why haven't had enough sleep lately, but am hoping that I can get used to sleeping without earplugs most of the time, now that I'm unlikely to be awoken by loud engine noise at 5:30 a.m. Would be really nice to not have itchy ears all the time.

I have a feeling I'm leaving out other important and/or interesting stuff lately, but not sure what, so I'll stop here.

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