Three interesting and really cool art projects from this morning's Facebook, all combining multiple related elements into one work:

  • At first, this video appears to be of a musician named Roger Ridley, on a Santa Monica street, playing "Stand by Me." But keep watching. It turns out to be a remarkable international collaboration, from the documentary Playing For Change: Peace Through Music. Lovely, and oddly moving, even for someone like me who's not a big fan of that particular song. (Thanks, Jackie G!)
  • Danish photographer Peter Funch composites together multiple photos of the same places on different days in NYC to show a bunch of different people who have something in common. A bunch of people wearing white, a bunch of people wearing caps—at first the photos look like they could be single photos. But then you get to the one of everyone yawning. And I think my favorite is everyone taking photos. Toward the end of the page, there are several apparently unrelated images of other things and places; I assume those are from a different collection of Funch's work. (Thanks, Bill S!)
  • Speaking of NYC, in 2007, Columbia grad student Arun Wiita spent two weeks visiting all 468 NYC subway stations. Columbia professor Russell Chun has collected Wiita's photos and notes into an interactive Flash map. (Thanks, Russell W!)

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