My recent movie- and TV-watching

Belatedly decided to pull these out into a separate entry, to reduce the size of last night's humongous entry. This is just a copy of what was in the other entry, so if you already read that, skip this.

Lots of video entertainment lately. I've been continuing to watch Gilmore Girls, usually an episode every day or two, usually while entering subs into the database. I'm partway through season 5. I was tempted to stop watching a few episodes ago, when both of the major romantic relationships I'd been hoping for for four seasons finally happened and I melted in a big puddle of sappiness all over the floor, but of course decided to keep watching. Realized that in a serial format (like an ongoing TV show or comic book), it's kind of nervous-making when something good happens, because in order to maintain dramatic tension over the long term, things will have to continue to change, which means nothing good ever lasts. As they say. Oh, well.

Finally watched the DVD of The Last Picture Show that I've had out from Netflix for something like six months. Was surprised by how much I liked it; I didn't love it, but there's a bunch of good stuff in it, including some good performances and a few bits of unexpected humor.

(I also finally watched Brigadoon on DVD, but I think that was several weeks ago and I just forgot to mention it here.)

I went to see Terminator Salvation in more or less its last day in local theatres the night of June 24. It had some good stuff in it (most notably Sam Worthington and Moon Bloodgood), but I was kinda disappointed overall, especially in the plot. It definitely didn't have the thematic richness of most episodes of Sarah Connor Chronicles. Oh, well; I didn't dislike it, just didn't love it.

Kam and I went to see Moon a few nights ago, and actually I felt pretty much the same way about that as about Terminator. Some good stuff (most notably Sam Rockwell), and I liked the general feel of homage to 1970s sf movies, but I think I would've liked the movie more if it'd been made in the mid-'70s and I'd watched it in the mid-'80s. Here again, my main issues had to do with the plot, but I'm not gonna go into that right now.

Latest thing Kam and I have watched is the DVD release of the Caprica pilot. Surprisingly good in a variety of ways. I'm dubious about some things, but I think it's really neat to see a show that's essentially a soap opera set on another planet that has a slightly higher tech level than ours. I don't know of any other show that's tried to do that, and I think that the sense of alienation/difference there makes what might otherwise be an awkward blend of gangster movies with quasi-cyberpunk and topical religious terrorism issues work pretty well. Looking forward to the series.

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