In Maine!

On Friday, I flew to Boston.

Stayed Friday night at Kendra & Jere7my's place; in the morning, we drove up to Maine, with a stop for lunch with j7y's mother in NH.

We're now ensconced in a cabin in the woods near Bar Harbor, with about 30 others from our college social group.

I am immensely pleased that there's (fairly fast) wireless Internet access in our cabin (for a modest additional fee). I was expecting to have to sit outside the rental office to use the Net.

In theory, I ought to be out socializing and/or enjoying the scenicness. In practice, it rained hard all morning, and the sky has been mostly cloudy most of the afternoon so far, and it's been so long since I've had any real downtime that I decided to spend most of today hanging around the cabin doing computer stuff. I'll be here for a week; gotta pace myself.

So far I've done a little bit of the magazine stuff I'm way behind on, and none of the day-job stuff that I was supposed to finish before leaving on Thursday.

I think I'm shortly going to put on some shoes and catch the free local bus into town, where I'll get some peanut butter and other such staples.

But first, a little more magazine work.

2 Responses to “In Maine!”

  1. S.

    I’m trying to make these three things fit together in my mind: Bar Harbor, Cabin, Wireless Internet. Head hurts…

  2. Jed

    It just wouldn’t be a rustic vacation in the woods without wireless Internet. 🙂


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