Productive day

Today I bought a toilet, and Breht came and installed it. So the guest bathroom is working again.

I also finally paid my remaining property taxes. I got a supplementary property tax bill the other day that said it was overdue (and charged me a penalty); I was tempted to call them and complain that I'd never received the first notice—but then I came across the first notice, opened and waiting to be paid, in a stack of papers. So I received it (at least two months ago), opened it, set it aside, and completely forgot about it, and I have nobody to blame but myself. Ah, well, at least the penalty wasn't too awful.

Anyway, so I paid that, and while I was at it I also paid the second half of the main property-tax bills (not overdue 'til April 10, but if I hadn't done it today, then I probably would've let it slide 'til sometime in May, and the penalties on those would've been much higher).

I also bought light bulbs to replace the burned-out ones in the kitchen, and I finally got batteries for my father's calculator (about which more another time).

And I made a couple of phone calls I've been putting off. The cleaning-service people said the extra invoice they sent me was a mistake; the company I bought memory from last year said (as I'd expected) that it's been way too long so I can't return it. (But it's a relief to finally have made the phone call anyway.) Anyone need two 2GB RAM chips for a unibody MacBook Pro? And I tried to call my HOA to find out their address—the check I sent them in February came back as "no longer at this address" a couple days ago—but I just got their answering machine.

This evening, I read several submissions, and then we had an editorial meeting and made decisions on a bunch of stories, and then I sent about sixty rejections.

Have also been setting things up for our new First Reader.

Soon, I will try to get some overdue editing done.

So it's been a nicely productive day. (In a very grownup kind of way. When did so much of my life become focused on house-related activities?) Sadly, there is still much to do.

Off to do some of it.

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  1. eclectic-boy

    I also bought light bulbs to replace the burned-out ones in the kitchen

    You don’t have to do that, Jed; in your house you just hunt around and discover a new light switch!


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