Fans-of-color convention assistance project auction ends tonight

There's a project called Con or Bust that provides financial aid to "fans of color who want to attend SFF conventions, principally WisCon" (to quote the Intro statement).

They raise money via a LiveJournal-based fundraising auction. Which ends tonight! I'm sorry not to have mentioned it sooner.

Kate N provided instructions a while back on how to browse auctions and how to bid on an auction (even if you don't have an LJ account), as well as other how-tos.

There are many cool things being auctioned. I want to point particularly to the items from the WisCon guests of honor:

Mary Anne is offering to critique your book, provide handmade curry powder and cookbook, or have a private lunch with you at WisCon. (Those are three separate items.)

Nnedi is offering two copies of The Shadow Speaker with author doodles. (Two separate items; top two bidders each get one.)

There are a bunch of other things and services in the auction: February list, March list. Books; handmade jewelry and clothing; food items; a custom website built for you; an original musical composition based on your prompt; DVDs; magazine subscriptions; art (including commissioned art of your choice); poetry; manga; custom-written fanfic; bunches of other stuff. Go check it out!

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