Running away to watch the circus

Kam and I went to Cirque du Soleil's Ovo this evening. It was a really good show.

They didn't have a Wheel of Death, so there wasn't anything quite as stunningly amazing as the high point of Kooza, two years ago. But there also wasn't anything as cringe-inducing as Kooza's pickpocket routine.

And almost all the circus-arts stuff at Ovo was really good and really nifty. I'll try and post more about it sometime soon.

For now, just two things:

First, for locals: This is Ovo's final weekend in the Bay Area, and some tickets are available for a discount; if you're interested, follow this Travelzoo link, which redirects to the Cirque site but I think gives the discount rate. There are performances on Saturday (today) and Sunday (tomorrow). Well worth seeing if you're into this kind of thing.

Second, wanted to note that I was really pleased with the evening. I made significant progress on a long-delayed work project; then came home, realized I was about to fail to meet the minimum activity requirement for the APA I'm in, so threw together a one-page 'zine in about fifteen minutes; then Kam arrived, bringing dinner, and we ate, and we printed out the tickets without any problems, and we hopped in the car, and traffic was relatively light, and the parking lots were clearly marked and easy to get to, and there were spaces in a lot near the circus, and we got there in plenty of time, and we had fine seats, and the show was a lot of fun, and we slipped out during the standing ovation so we had no delays getting out of the parking lot and back home.

It was a remarkably smooth-running evening, not marred by any of the usual minor catastrophes that I always seem to run into in this kind of situation (usually engendered or worsened by my running late). Really nice. And a lot of that smoothness was due to Kam, who bought the tickets and brought the food and suggested various bits of timeline that resulted in our not being late. Thank you, Kam!

(I did run out of time to read something a friend asked me to read, but that was the one blemish on the evening.)

Thanks also to Twig for pointing out the discounted tickets!

Normally I declare my birthday week to be the week actually containing my birthday. But in this case, I'm thinking I should declare my birthday week to start today and run for nine or ten days, 'cause this was very much the sort of thing that I always want my birthday to be like but that rarely actually happens on the day itself.

Okay, off to read a couple subs and then sleep.

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