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Two weeks ago, on the anniversary of my father's death, I finally decided to get moving on a project I'd been putting off for over two years: getting the blog about my father operational again. Something had gone wrong when I did a Movable Type upgrade, and I had been avoiding dealing with it.

As it turned out, there was a fairly simple fix, so I got the blog working again. And I've been posting there every couple of days.

In theory, the blog was meant to be for anyone who knew Peter to post anecdotes and descriptions and discussions and thoughts and memories. In practice, I went through a period of posting, then my Uncle Dobe went through a period of posting, then the blog lay dormant for two years, and now I'm doing most of the posting again.

One reason I started the blog in the first place was to share memories and stories with people who didn't know Peter—but without making people who weren't interested read those stories in my main blog.

But at some point it occurred to me that few if any of my friends were reading the posts, and that I was kind of sad about that.

So: it would make me happy if y'all (or at least those who know me) would stop by the blog about my father and take a look. You don't have to stay long, you don't have to read all 40 entries so far, you don't have to comment, you don't have to keep coming back to it later; it may turn out that the stuff I'm posting is of interest only to family, if them. But if you'd be willing to drop by and look around and read a couple of entries, I'd appreciate it; a lot of my original impetus for creating the blog was to have a way to share stories about Peter with the world in general.

And he was quite a character; lots of interesting stuff about him. Also, he was often funny.

I'll be posting anecdotes, bits of mail he sent, math proofs, jokes, commentary, etc. For example, today's entry is a copy of the letter that he wrote to the authorities in response to receiving a parking ticket, in which he first pled for clemency and then offered edits to the phrasing of the ticket itself.

If you don't want to just wander through the archives, here are a few other entries you could start with:

Anyway, my main point is that sharing stuff about his life makes me feel better, and so it would be helpful to me if friends would stop by and look around.

6 Responses to “Blogging about my father”

  1. textjunkie

    He *was* a character, judging from the stories about it. I think it’s pretty cool that you both started and keep going back to that blogging record about him.

  2. irilyth

    Would you mind if I created an LJ and/or DW feed for it?

  3. Jed

    tj: Thanks!

    Josh: That would be great; feel free. You can use any username you want; if you want a suggestion, how about izdotso?

  4. Jay Hartman


    Thank you very much for posting those stories. Please keep it up. Loved the letter regarding the parking ticket, laughed out loud because it was such classic behavior by our father.

    I wonder if Peter’s impulse to correct people he was seeking leniency from rubbed off on Nancy, or if she was just naturally like that as well…at Nancy’s sentencing hearing, the judge was talking about the extra time Nancy would be sentenced to for using a firearm in a crime…the judge accidentally said that Nancy would get an additional five months, when she meant five years. This would have been rectified at some point regardless, but Nancy apparently couldn’t hold back and, in her prison garb and chains, blurted out “you mean five years.” The judge agreed and corrected herself.

    I mentioned it on my journal shortly thereafter…here is a link to the entry but the above remark by Nancy just got one short mention; the entry was my emotional list of what happened at the hearing.

  5. Jed

    Jay: Thank you for the link; I could have sworn I had read your entry at the time, but there are several things in it that I don’t remember seeing before.

    Josh: Great—thank you!


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