Assorted updates

When last we left me, it was a week ago and I had stayed home sick from work.

Thursday was largely uneventful, though Thurs evening and Fri morning I finally finished filling out the disclosure form for the condo that I had been very slowly filling out (and procrastinating on) for about a month.

Friday evening, hung out with Jay & Holly & Avery and Holly's family. Dinner, conversation, playing with niece, playing cards; what more could anyone ask?

The card game, btw, was Holly's family's variant of Contract Rummy, which the Internet says is a popular game but I've never known anyone else to play it. This variant is fairly close to May I?, except that there are no Jokers or wild cards, and the round 7 rules appear to be a little different. Anyway, it's much fun, though occasionally frustrating.

Saturday I was planning to sit around at home, especially when I discovered that my Powell's order had arrived: Deed of Paksenarrion, Seaward, One for the Morning Glory, Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor, Growing Up Weightless.

But then Tim encouraged me, via Twitter, to come up to the Clarion West benefit reading at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, so I headed up there. Good stories, good readings, good chatting afterward; then home.

That evening, had dinner with Kam; on a whim, we went to see Karate Kid. It was mostly enjoyable fluff, though I had to look away from a couple of the more violent moments early on. I liked Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan very much; thought they both did a great job. And there were two scenes I really loved: the payoff for the “jacket off” business, and the car scene.

Afterward, we watched the latest Dr. Who episode to air in the US, “The Lodger,” which I thought was fun and, mostly, better than the past few episodes have been.

Then I stayed up late editing.

Sunday I was planning to get magazine stuff done and make some overdue phone calls and such, but on Saturday night I once again didn't sleep much, and so on Sunday I once again spent most of the afternoon dozing. I had been doing pretty well on the sleep front 'til recently; gotta get back to getting more than five hours a night.

Monday there was good news on the housing front, but I'm gonna wait a bit before saying more about that. Also got some good news at work.

Went over to Kam's that evening to help her move furniture around, but by the time I got there I was tired and low on social energy and had had too many changes-of-plan for one Jed-day, so I got all tense and grumpy, and food didn't help, and Kam's other guests had already helped her move as much furniture as needed moving that evening, so I went home.

(I've been working on that lately: when I get myself into a social situation where just being there is making me tense and unhappy, instead of my usual “sit in a corner and be grumpy at people” approach, I've started trying to extract myself from the situation and go off on my own. It seems to mostly work fairly well, though it can sometimes backfire.)

Anyway, went home, rewatched an old Gilmore Girls episode, which cheered me up immensely; also did some magazine stuff, I think; and wrote a bunch of checks for overdue payments of invoices and such. Later, just before going to sleep, watched the latest Leverage episode (“The Double Blind Job”). Not brilliant, and I was hoping it would be a little twistier than it turned out to be, but not bad, and I liked it better than the previous episode.

This afternoon at work, I took a few minutes out for a phone call, and ended up having the best interaction with the IRS ever. More on that in separate entry.

Tonight, hung out with Kam. When I got home, I discovered that my Wii has been successfully repaired and returned to me; it works again! Yay! Not enough energy for DDR tonight, but soon.

Next up: some reading, then sleep.

But I guess the summary of the above is that, all in all, despite sleep problems and occasional social-interaction issues, things have been pretty good around here the past few days.

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