Trying to avoid complaining

After last week's spectacularly great customer service experience with the IRS, I promised myself I would avoid complaining about customer service problems for a while.

But when one credit card company cancels your card because “your account has been compromised” and another one cancels for non-use, and neither of them bothers to tell you that they've canceled your card, and you're trying to buy airline tickets while the price increases by the minute—well, let me just note for the record that it is awfully hard to refrain from complaining.

But I will endeavor to do so.

(This entry brought to you by the words paralipsis and praeteritio.)

(P.S.: This is another example of that “Everything is amazing right now, and nobody's happy” thing. From the comfort of my own home, long after business hours, I can purchase airplane tickets to be flown thousands of miles in comfort at great speed, to see interesting people and do fun things in far distant places. That's kind of amazing. I should not let a little bit of inconvenience and my own sense of entitlement get me down.)

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