Pink Panther quotes

Back in March, I watched the original Pink Panther movie, and didn't like it much.

But it did include a few somewhat entertaining exchanges, which I wrote down but never posted. Here they are.

Sir Charles attempts to get the princess to have a drink:

Sir Charles: Aren't you drinking?

Princess: I don't drink.

Sir Charles: Not ever?

Princess: I'm quite content with reality. I have no need for escape.

Sir Charles: I enjoy reality as much as the next man. It's just that in my case, fortunately, reality includes a good stiff belt every now and then.

An exchange about Sir Charles's affairs:

Woman: We call him the juggler. I've never really known a man like him. He can keep ten girls in the air at once and make each one happy.

Princess: Amazing. Sort of a contemporary Don Juan.

Other woman: That's it.

Man: Ah, but there's a difference. Sir Charles's predecessor was forced to climb balconies and fight duels and, as I understand it, to keep his women separate and apart. Charles, on the other hand, drives a Ferrari, enters with a key, and resorts to collective bargaining.

Sir Charles is attempting to seduce the princess, starting by getting her drunk:

Princess: We're all out of champagne.

Sir Charles: I'll get another bottle.

Princess: Oh no—I prefer to remain conscious, so I may view the attempted seduction at first hand.

Finally, a bit from near the end:

Mrs. Clouseau: We can't just let him rot in prison.

Sir Charles: Oh, it takes years for people to rot.

Not sure any of these are especially funny out of context. Then again, I didn't find most of the movie terribly funny even in context.

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