Boston trip so far

Looks like it's been forever since I posted a life-update entry. Not a lot's been up lately—mostly sitting around at home, getting stuff done, reading, watching TV, etc. Had a two-day sailing lesson the weekend of the 9th-10th; will talk more about that at some point, but not right now.

This past Saturday morning, after too little sleep, I took train and BART to SFO, then got on a plane to Boston. Michael came and picked me up at BOS.

Had a hard time getting to sleep Saturday night. Spent most of Sunday just hanging out at M&L's place. We went to brunch at a place called Tryst in Arlington; pretty good food, friendly waiter.

Had a hard time getting to sleep again Sunday night. Yesterday, got up late, puttered around on computer a bit; in the early afternoon, wandered off to 1369 Coffee House in Central Square, for coffee with new friend Julia R. We ended up spending about four hours having a lovely chat, about all sorts of stuff.

Then I headed over to Copley for dinner with David VS; we ate at an upscale Japanese place (Douzo, I think), then wandered up and down Newbury Street for an hour or two, chatting.

Eventually took the T and a bus back to Medford, where I once again had trouble sleeping. Dunno what's up with that.

Today I've just been lounging around, reading Wired (I ought to know better), chatting with Michael, frittering away time online. This evening, off to a roundsing! If you're around and interested and haven't heard about the roundsing, give me a call or text me.

The next few days look to be fairly similar: no plans 'til midafternoon, then hanging out with friends.

At some point, I may borrow a car and try to do a little leafpeeping. (I thought about taking along some marshmallow birds but not bringing them back; but that would be peep-leaving.) Might go to aquarium (never been to the Boston one, and I've recently heard good things about it), might wander around a cemetery (a favorite Boston-area pastime on previous visits), but mostly not doing touristy/visitor stuff while here; mostly focused on seeing friends and relaxing.

And, I hope, getting a little more sleep than I've managed so far.

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