This week’s best TV aww moment

On Undercovers, after a dramatic opening and a “Three days earlier” card, we see Steven and Samantha (the protagonists, a married couple who are caterers when they're not being spies) talking in their catering kitchen.

Steven: Hey, I thought you were coming in early.

Samantha: I'm sorry, honey—I did go to the gym and the farmers' market, then I had a thing for the Fentin-Brown wedding.

Steven: A thing? I thought their wedding was a month ago.

Samantha: Exactly a month. Mark wanted to make Bob breakfast in bed for their anniversary, so I talked him through the frittata.

The show had previously proven itself to be casually queer-friendly, but I didn't expect this at all—so utterly casual and completely unremarkable that it just about made me cry.

. . . The rest of the exchange was kind of cute, too, though not as surprising:

Steven: Have I ever told you that you get way too emotionally involved with your clients?

Samantha: Yes, all the time, but it's hard not to care for the people you cook for.

Steven: It's really not that hard.

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