Sick, tired, and spammed

My blogs came under heavy comment-spam attack tonight—looks like I got about 700 spam comments in the past four hours, with volume peaking at around ten spam comments per minute. At which point Pair shut off access to my MT database for twenty minutes. And notified me, which is a good thing because otherwise I wouldn't have realized there was a problem for some time.

When the database came back, I shut off comments for this blog, for Neology, and for Vardibidian's blog. We can cautiously try bringing comments back online later and see if the spam wave is over.

But not tonight. Too tired.

I was feeling largely better on Friday, so I went in to work, but for various reasons didn't get in until after noon, and ended up not leaving until around 9 p.m. By which point I was exhausted.

The time since then has gone by in a blur.

I guess there was a trip to the grocery store, at the end of which I realized that I was too sleepy to stop by Kam's place even though it's about five minutes away from there. And then I tried to get Chinese food but the first two restaurants were closed and the third one almost wouldn't give me food because it was too close to closing. I almost tweeted a whine about this, but then I heard on the radio that there were riots in Oakland and decided that perhaps I was having a bout of privileged people problems and should shut up and get over it.

Friday night I couldn't sleep, despite deploying my full array of tools for inducing sleep. (Well, I skipped the Ambien, because I don't want to use that unless there's someone else around to make sure I don't do anything dumb while under the influence.) I think I finally managed to fall asleep around 4 a.m., and woke up around 11 or noon, but I don't think I slept very well during that time.

Saturday I was groggy and semi-sick all day. Mostly the illness has taken the form of exhaustion and a sore throat. Been drinking fluids, especially orange juice and camomile tea.

Got a full but frequently interrupted night's sleep last night, thanks to NyQuil, but have nonetheless been pretty out of it all day today.

Things I did get done this weekend: laundry; unloading and loading the dishwasher; finishing editing a story; finishing reading First Lady; reading some submissions; watching a couple of TV episodes. Oh, and playing a few mindless iPhone games.

That seems like it could've been a reasonably relaxing weekend, except that (a) there were about a hundred other things I was hoping to also get done, and (b) I was too groggy to enjoy the parts that consisted of lying on the couch or in bed half-awake but unable to either sleep or think clearly enough to get things done.

Anyway. I'm exaggerating the problem here; it's not like I'm really miserable, or even all that sick. Just kind of dazed, and a little bit resentful that I wasted the weekend on being sick.

Tonight: hoping to get some sleep. Tomorrow: back to work.

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