Picked up another sore throat on Thursday or so.

Didn't feel so good for most of Friday; got some under-the-hood magazine tech work done, but realized I wasn't going to finish it in time for our reopening. I spent much of the past two weeks on two major magazine tech projects, neither of which ended up going live.

Friday night, I turned on the submission web form, made sure it was working properly, then headed over to Diana and Megan's New Year's party. Hung out for an hour, chatted with various folks, ate some lefsa.

But I was pretty wiped out, and even though I wasn't feeling as sick as I had been that afternoon, I headed home before midnight.

Unfortunately, barely slept Friday night—NyQuil failed me. Spent much of Saturday in a daze; worked on yet another magazine tech project, but ended up napping for a couple hours on the couch midafternoon.

Last night, barely slept again.

Today, I've been completely wiped out for most of the day, and the cold is getting worse—lots of coughing.

Oddly, I did manage to be pretty productive today. Converted the submission-cap system to use a database instead of the hacky and bug-prone write-to-a-file system that I implemented a year ago; it turned out that most of the tricky and complicated bits went away when I switched to the database. I wish I had thought this through a year ago, when various people recommended that I go with the database approach. Ah, well.

Finished testing that code and got it live on the site about fifteen seconds before the East-Coast US midnight nightly reopening. Whew. Seems to be working so far, but if any of you see anything wonky on the submission page, lemme know. (I'll also keep an eye on it all day tomorrow.)

Which reminds me that we were open to subs for eleven hours on Saturday, the first day back, which is about what's usually happened; that gives people anywhere in the world a reasonable time to submit. But then on Sunday, we were open for only six hours; apparently lots of people decided to submit early in the daily opening cycle. Apologies to anyone who arrived too late. Tonight, we're about halfway to the daily cap after two and a half hours, but the middle of the night East-Coast US time tends to be slow for subs.

Anyway. I also dealt with some contract stuff, and sent some magazine-related emails, and updated the Awards page to show all the reprints we know about so far from our 2010 stories. Nicely productive, despite being barely awake.

Was planning to watch a movie tonight, but am way too tired. Off to bed for me. Hope I manage to sleep.

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