New iPhone game

Forgot to mention that I also picked up a couple of iPhone games today when I needed a break from productivity. There are a dozen really cool iPhone games I've been meaning to post about for weeks or months, but for now I'll just mention the latest one: Mirror's Edge, a parkour game in which you navigate a Runner named Faith through a semi-dystopian near-future city as she runs along ledges, leaps across chasms, climbs up buildings, swings from flagpoles, slides under obstacles, slides down roof slopes and along zip lines, jumps from wall to wall, and knocks out bad guys (she's unarmed).

If only there were trains in it, it would be kinda like a video game version of “Kip, Running.”

The controls are a little wonky at times—it's easy to run into barriers and come to an awkward stop, and a small set of gestures means a too-wide variety of different things in different contexts. But it's still super cool.

$5 for iPhone version; $10 for iPad version, which I suspect is even cooler.

Apparently the original game came out on various consoles a couple years ago, but I don't think I had seen it.

Okay, enough. Really really must sleep now.

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