Been off in Florida the past few days, helping Annie F after her mother's unexpected death.

Been mostly offline, and haven't had time or energy for computer stuff anyway. Apologies for delayed responses to various things.

Particular apologies for not reopening SH to subs yet. Wasn't feasible. Will most likely do so tomorrow (Wednesday).

Flew home tonight; Laura S picked me up at airport (thanks, Laura!); I'm going to collapse momentarily. (I've had an average of about 4-5 hours of sleep a night over the past four nights.)

Will likely post more here sometime soon.

Btw, Annie's still in Florida, and still going through her mother's apartment. I haven't asked her about this, but I'm guessing that brief notes of support and condolence from her friends would not be unappreciated.

I'm way too tired to figure out whether that sentence made sense. I'd better go sleep.

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