Obama still funny

Just watched the video of President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner. Much of the first six and a half minutes is laugh-out-loud funny, at least if you've been following the whole birth-certificate saga. Good stuff.

I wasn't as thrilled with the next few minutes (not bad, just not as funny imo), but then there's a couple of minutes of reasonably entertaining jabs at Donald Trump (who doesn't seem amused), and there's a fun fake movie trailer starting at about 12:00.

I watched the first couple of minutes of the Seth Meyers routine, but it didn't do much for me. But I did like this bit from around 15:15 (I skipped ahead to it because it was quoted in an article), with Meyers talking to Obama:

“When you were sworn in, you looked like the guy from the Old Spice commercials. Now you look like Louis Gossett, Sr. [...] Is this the ‘Change’ you were talking about? [...] If your hair gets any whiter, the Tea Party is going to endorse it.”

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