Cat Kirk

I'm back to occasionally rewatching Gilmore Girls episodes as I enter submissions into the database.

(Um, I should note that this entry has nothing whatsoever to do with Star Trek; there's a Gilmore Girls character named Kirk. Sorry if the title misled anyone.)

Tonight, it's a Thanksgiving episode from midway through season 3. There's a totally throwaway bit in which Lorelai and Rory are walking and they run into Kirk, who's just gotten a cat, and he refers to the cat as “Kirk,” and the following conversation ensues:

Lorelai: The cat's name is Kirk?

Kirk: Yup.

Lorelai: Weird coincidence, or—

Kirk: I named him Kirk.

Lorelai: Isn't that confusing?

Kirk: Not when you think about it.

Lorelai: [pause] . . . No, it's still confusing.

Kirk: I like the name, and whenever I call Kirk's name, I obviously won't be calling myself.

Lorelai: True. . . .

Kirk: Although when my mom calls for Kirk, that may be confusing. Maybe I can get her to say “Cat Kirk” when she's calling Kirk, and “Human Kirk” when she's calling me.

Rory: That would keep it straight.

Kirk: I'm glad I ran into you. See you.

Lorelai: See you, Human Kirk.

Rory: 'Bye, Human Kirk.

Possibly you had to be there. (Certainly Kirk's deadpan delivery and the Gilmores' confused amusement add considerably to the scene.) But I was amused enough to want to post it.

I'm still planning someday to put together a big collection of Gilmore Girls quotes; I've been taking notes as I rewatch. But that's not likely to happen anytime soon, so figured I'd post this one while I was thinking of it.

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