Cute Gilmore Girls bit

I've been collecting Gilmore Girls quotes as I rewatch the series, and some day I hope to put together (I suppose the modern word is “curate”) an extensive online collection of them. But for now, just this one. It's from early in season 6, but there are no spoilers here; it's just a cute throwaway joke.

Patty: Oh, the spontaneous proposals are the best, you know.

Babette: Yeah! Morey proposed to me spontaneously. Did I ever tell you the story?

Luke: Um ... no.

Babette: It was a brisk fall night, and Morey was on top. No, wait, I was on top.

Luke: What?

Babette: Hold on! Stony Morrison was on top.

Luke: Babette!

Babette: We were playing Twister! Did I not mention that?

Luke: No!

Babette: I probably should have.

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