Life update

Huh—I've been absent from posting for almost two weeks.

What's been up with me:

The main thing is that about a week ago, I hit a social wall; I couldn't cope with interacting with people at all. So I shut off contact. Worked from home on Monday; turned off my phone and didn't check Facebook or email for about twelve hours. I went in to the office on Tuesday and Wednesday, but otherwise didn't see anyone or have much interaction with anyone until Wednesday evening. Spent Thursday and Friday at home, mostly alone, mostly watching movies and TV, and mostly not interacting with anyone.

It's been good for me. I really need downtime to recharge every so often, and I hadn't been paying attention to that.

Discovered Friday evening that I had been invited (a couple weeks ago, I think) to a Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, but I had completely forgotten about it. Probably just as well; I'm sorry to have missed people, but it meant that I didn't spend any time fretting about whether to go out and be social or not.

I've watched a bunch of movies and TV at home this past week; will probably write about those in a separate entry. Also looked at my to-do list for the first time in about three weeks—I was focused on finishing some SH-related programming, so I set everything else aside for a while.

Things were also kind of stressful at work for a bit; found out I'll be reporting to a new manager. For various reasons, I was pretty stressed about that, but I'm now cautiously optimistic. Change is inevitable, perhaps especially at my company, and you'd think that after eight years there, I would be used to that. But no.

I think I've also been generally a little less coping-capable than usual. That may partly be because it's getting dark around 5 p.m. here, which I know is nothing for y'all in more northerly climes, but it makes me sad. And I've been getting even less sleep than usual. My sleep issues have mostly left me alone for most of this year, for which I'm grateful, but that's changed in the past couple weeks, when I've sometimes had too few hours of sleep, and sometimes more hours than usual but also many more wakings-up than usual. And I think I've been hovering on the brink of a cold for a couple weeks now—I keep having bouts of sneezing and/or coughing and/or runny nose for a few minutes, then it'll stop.

So I figure best to play it safe and just stay in bed for the rest of the winter. I'll get up sometime around February.

Actually, I do have various plans. I may be zipping out to Chicago for a brief visit in a couple weeks. (Among other things, it'll be M's and my 15th anniversary.) And on December 27, Kam and I are going to see the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular show (it's traveling around; we'll be seeing it in San José), put together by the same people who did Walking with Dinosaurs. And I'm sure other things will come up over time.

But for now, I'm planning to sit at home for the rest of the weekend.

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