I've been exhausted and mopey and cold (I know, I know, Californians don't get to complain about cold, but the temperature is down around freezing, which is just too cold for a delicate flower like me), and am being quick to get irritated and to snipe at people, and am generally somewhere between Winter Blahs and Mullygrubs.

(Had a nice phone call yesterday and then a nice afternoon with D and N and their kids; my mood was fine 'til I left their place, but then it plummeted, and I've been grumping around ever since.)

As a result, I'm taking a break from Facebook and most of the rest of my usual Internet haunts. Been mostly offline for the past day and a half; may stay away for the next few days, or may come back sooner, not sure. And even if I post in the next day or two, I may not be reading much of what others post. I'll be back sooner or later; just think it would be best to absent myself for the time being.

In the meantime, if there's anything you want me to see or hear about, best to use email. Or, even better, text message or voicephone.

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