Some links about Aaron Swartz

I didn't know Aaron Swartz, the brilliant Internet activist who committed suicide yesterday at age 26, but friends of mine did. I had heard about, and been bothered by, the extreme overreaction of the US government to Swartz's downloading a large number of documents from JSTOR (see the Lessig and Stamos links below for details), but I hadn't really been paying attention to developments since then.

I'm very sorry to hear about his death. I've seen some really moving and compelling eulogies to him today (in my earlier tweet linking to one of them, I wrote “obituary,” but I meant “eulogy”), plus other articles talking about him and his life and the JSTOR incident; after about the third one that made me cry, I decided it was time I posted some links.

My sympathies to those of you who knew him. He sounds like he was a really remarkable guy, and he made the world a better place.

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