Dalekriders of Pern and other Daleks

I think it was during the Hugo nomination period that I came across some links to the art of Kathleen Jennings.

She's done some cover and interior art for various books, including the cover for Sofia Samatar's A Stranger in Olondria, and I like her other art, too, especially this sky coat. And I'm amused by some of her posts, like the game of Blurb Wars, in which people come up with titles, draw covers, and write blurbs.

But what I'm here to link to today is the Dalek Game. The core game involves just replacing words in titles with the word “Dalek,” but Jennings takes it a step further by making drawings for some of the resulting titles.

She has over 120 Dalek illustrations so far, with new ones still being added intermittently.

That's a lot of Daleks, so here's a starting point: my dozen or so favorites.

But if you have time and interest, check out the rest of the list too; I could easily have added another dozen favorites, but I wanted to keep my introductory list relatively short.

I also like what she says about Daleks:

They are my favourite Doctor Who monster not because of their construction and complex history but because of that tone of rising panic in their voices. They remind me of harried engineers.

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