The case of the missing gargoyles

Two months ago, I ordered two Campania garden gargoyles from the local retailer, a place called Bloomster's in San José. I was told it would take about eight weeks for them to arrive.

Yesterday, I called Bloomster's to find out when to expect the items. They said they would call me back.

Today they called me back to tell me that because I hadn't placed a big enough order, they hadn't ever ordered the items, and they wouldn't be ordering them. Apparently they've been hoping that enough other people would order Campania stuff through them to add up to a big enough order.

You'd think someone might have mentioned all this TWO MONTHS AGO when I placed the order, or at any time since then.

Anyway, I know this isn't a huge big deal. I'll find another place to order from. I'm mostly posting to anti-recommend Bloomster's. For all I know, they may be fine with flowers, but their communication leaves a whole lot to be desired.

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