Overheard in First Class

On Wednesday, as I was walking to my seat on the airplane, I passed through the first class section (as one does), and I heard a man and a woman arguing. I couldn't tell how serious they were, but my best guess at tone was that they were trying to sound unserious about something that they were both kinda annoyed/upset about.

It went like this (not exact quotes, but close):

Her: It's worth it.

Him: But it's really expensive.

Her: Nobody asked you.

Him: You asked me to pay for it.

Her: At least I don't buy a thousand dollars worth of clothes every month. [I think the implication was that some other women would ask him to buy them a lot of expensive clothing, and that at least she didn't do that.]

Him: [Something I didn't quite catch, about her buying a bunch of non-clothing stuff.]

Her: [Something else I didn't quite catch.]

Him: But that does kind of undermine your argument.

Her: No it doesn't.

Him: Yes it does.

Her: No it doesn't.

Him: Yes it does.

...and then I was out of earshot, so I don't know how many times they repeated the No/Yes thing.

At the time, I assumed the “it” that was worth it was some kind of electronic gadget or something—I vaguely think I caught a glimpse of the couple and that she was holding a tablet, and my impression was that they were both geeks. But in retrospect, I wonder if “it” was flying first class.

I feel like there was some interesting stuff going on in that argument, but I'm too groggy this morning to unpack it, so I'm presenting it without comment.

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