Birthday week

I was going to try to do my usual birthday-week thing this week, spreading out fun stuff over the course of the week so as not to put too much weight on my birthday itself (which is tomorrow, Friday the 28th).

Started off well, walking around Shoreline Park with Lori on Sunday and watching kites and such. But the rest of the week has been kind of a blur: work, movies, writing, not much else.

I've watched a movie almost every day for the past two weeks, 'cause I got tired of how slowly I was progressing through my collection of movies-to-rewatch. I'm losing confidence in this project; too many movies on the list. But not yet ready to admit defeat.

Being sick and exhausted yesterday and today has also put a bit of a damper on things.

One nice thing has been catching up on Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel comic-book series, though I keep forgetting to post about those. For now, suffice to say that both have launched new series in the past month or two, and both are excellent and very much worth reading. You can buy 'em online via Marvel Comics app, or in comic stores.

Also nice: a mix of the usual lovely weather and some much-needed rain.

Also nice: birthday greetings have started to trickle in.

Also nice: cooked two artichokes last night; ate one (yum), and will eat the other today.

...And now I want to continue that series of paragraphs with a nice thing starting with d, but I think I have insufficient brainpower.

Oh, here's one more particularly nice thing I'm looking forward to: the bookcases I ordered will be delivered on Saturday. I haven't yet found a furniture company to do the 12-foot-high bookcases with library ladder that I want for my other wall, so that's still to be designed and ordered. But the set of four 8-foot-high bookcases for my dining-area wall are all done; looking forward to having more shelf space on that wall.

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  1. debbie.notkin

    Sorry I missed your birthday! Happy day-after-your-birthday!


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