Yesterday, stayed home sick from work. Ended up taking 4-hour nap in afternoon, which was great but I worried it would throw off my sleep schedule.

Last night (all times approximate):

3 am: Tried to go to sleep. Drifted in and out.

4 am: Fell asleep for real

5:30 am: Awakened by smoke detector giving dead-battery beep, with about 3 minutes between beeps

5:36 am: Looked for earplugs. Not where expected. Eventually turned on light. Couldn't find them. Turned off light.

5:39 am: Got up, turned on light, took down smoke detector, removed battery. Back to bed.

5:42 am: Beep.

5:45 am: Got up, turned on light, went to living room, got chair, took down other smoke detector, removed battery. Back to bed. Wide awake now.

6? am: Sleep.

7 am: Garbage trucks arrive. Oh, right, it's trash day.

I got another 2ish hours of sleep after that, but for some reason am feeling a little tired.

As usual, parents of small children (and others with perennial or severe sleep issues) may feel free to mock me.

2 Responses to “Sleep”

  1. danima

    As the parent of currently- and formerly-small children, I can confirm that the schedule above is gawdawful. My sympathies.

  2. jimmosk

    There’s still time for you to get those crucial eight-hours-a-week, as long as things get no worse.
    I recommend putting the clock in the fridge.


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