Assorted notes, loosely connected to Sara

A few notes more or less pertaining to Sara:

  • On Thursday, driving home from the memorial service for Sara, I thought to myself:

    That was a nice service. I wonder what Sara thought of it. I'll have to remember to ask her...


  • A friend pointed me to a moving memorial post about Sara by David Pablo Cohn. I don't know him, but they grew up together.
  • Here's my post from 2013 about coping with grief.
  • The memorial service sparked a bunch of thoughts about what I would and wouldn't want in a memorial gathering for myself, which led me to think about the general philosophical question of whether to focus such an event more on honoring the dead person's wishes and tastes, or more on being for the living people who are there. I may write this up at some point, but it might take a while, so I'm saving that for another entry.
  • On Thursday evening, I rewatched Harold and Maude. It's been sitting on my shelf for a while, but I had held off because I knew it would make me sad, and because some other high-school favorite movies I've seen recently have been disappointing (I hadn't seen this one in probably fifteen years, though I watched it several times in high school and college), and because I thought the humor might be too dark for me these days. But I decided some catharsis was in order. And it turned out I needn't have worried; it's still hilarious and lovely and sad. The ending wasn't quite as cathartic as I had hoped, but it helped some. And I got to snuggle with Kam while watching it, which also helped.
  • Spent yesterday quietly alone at home. I was pretty much fine for most of the day, though I lost it a little last night when I read Pablo's abovelinked blog post. Had frozen latkes for breakfast, watched a movie, assembled a mini-strandbeest model, had a long nap in the afternoon, read some fiction, continued work on my novel. Gonna try to be a little more productive and focused today, but it was good to take a low-key day off.

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