Hugo pro artists: more than just what’s in the packet

In this year's Hugo voter packet, five pro artists provided samples of their work.

Unfortunately, one of the six nominated artists didn't provide samples, and imo a couple of the ones who did give samples didn't show their best work from 2013.

So for any of you who are finishing up your Hugo voting but haven't yet decided on the Pro Artist category, here are a few links:

Galen Dara
I was particularly disappointed in her samples in the packet. Fortunately, her portfolio on her website shows a bunch of really lovely work. I can't link to specific images, but if you page through the portfolio, there are dates on the lower right corners of most of them, and there are a bunch of great pieces from 2013.
Julie Dillon
Her main page now shows a bunch of images (scroll down to see them) with publication years clearly visible in text below them. I would love to see all Hugo-nominated artists do exactly this from now on. A couple from 2013 that I especially like: Ancient Discovery, Desert Dragon, Long Hidden. (Not sure whether Long Hidden counts for 2013 or 2014, though; the book that it's the cover art for didn't come out until January 2014, I think.)
Daniel Dos Santos
I like his cover for Kalimpura, which had a 2013 release date, but the art was done (and shown publicly online) in 2012, so I'm not sure which year it counts for.
John Harris
This image is in the packet, but I think the presentation somehow makes it look better here: The Twin Parliaments of Pyrrhus. I'm not sure why I like this version better; maybe just a black background makes it stand out more than in my standalone image viewer?
John Picacio
Here's his 2013 work. About half of it was in the packet, but I like a couple of the ones that weren't in the packet better than most of the ones that were.
Fiona Staples
I found a page of her prints, almost all from Saga, but I can't tell when any of them were published. I guess Saga vol. 2 is a good place to look for her art?

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