Tenth job anniversary

Ten years ago today, I started working at my current job.

I had never stayed at one company for more than five years (and even five years at one job is fairly long by computer-industry standards), and I didn't expect to stay any longer than that at this one. And it was a rocky start; the company and I were not well-suited to each other in a variety of ways. I almost quit at least twice in the first few months; and then my father was killed; and then my car was totaled; all in all, that was not a great time for me.

But in retrospect, I'm glad I stuck around. The company and I have changed in ways that have made us more compatible (though I still regularly disagree with it), and in many ways it's a good place to be. A lot of great colleagues, a lot of amazing perks, interesting work. Dunno where I'll be in another ten years, but for now, I'm pretty happy with where I am.

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