Status update and FOGcon

Spent the weekend at FOGcon, as planned. It went fairly well.

Friday afternoon, I took a half-day off and headed up to Walnut Creek; wandered briefly into the panel Mary Anne was on, had brief chats and hugs with a couple people. Spent the evening hanging out with Mary Anne and, for part of it, a few other folks. Had a phone call with my brother.

Saturday I took it easy. Spent the morning on my own in the hotel room; had lunch in the hotel; played Forbidden Desert with Mary Anne and Alex (we lost); went for a walk with Mary Anne; spent a while working on fiction in the lobby, a couple tables away from where half a dozen writers had set up shop with their laptops. Went to about twenty minutes of a writing-the-other panel, then Mary Anne and I headed over to Oakland for dinner with David and Meredith and Miriam. Stopped by Kam's place afterward for a bit, then back to Walnut Creek. Played Slash in the lobby for a couple of hours with half a dozen other people; much fun.

Sunday morning, I led a writing-workshop session, which I think went pretty well overall. Then Mary Anne and I left the con, and had lunch with Nilofer en route to SFO.

My emotional state over the course of the weekend was mixed. It was really really good to see Mary Anne. I find touch immensely reassuring; getting to hold hands with her helped a lot. I thought some about my father. Mostly I just tried to keep things low-key and relaxed; I barely attended any of the con, steered clear of the Contention panel even though I found it entertaining the time I went (a couple years ago), stepped down from the panel I'd been assigned to, avoided arguing with people online.

I didn't see many people at the con, and most of the people I did see were only briefly in passing; sorry to any of you I didn't run into or didn't interact much with. I very much appreciated all the supportive notes and Facebook comments in response to yesterday's post about my father. I didn't manage to collect as many in-person hugs as might have been nice, possibly partly because a lot of the people I saw are people with whom I'm not sure whether I'm on hugging terms, but I did get some, and that was very nice too.

Didn't get nearly enough sleep, but on the other hand I must have gotten more than the almost-none I thought I got, because I was fairly functional and awake for most of the weekend. After I got home, I napped for an hour or two. Sunday evening, watched an episode of Outlander followed by rewatching the 1949 Hepburn/Tracy movie Adam's Rib. (About which I have mixed feelings, too much so to go into right now.) A bunch of newly digitized photos arrived, so I spent a while attaching names to faces, which is mostly soothing and fun except for various annoying iPhoto UI issues. I had intended to try to get a bunch of other stuff done on Sunday, including some time-sensitive day-job stuff, but it didn't happen.

Oh, and it's unclear as yet whether I caught Mary Anne's cold—I've had a little bit of coughing but hoping that was just dust or something. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, all in all, the weekend went pretty well.

Thank you to everyone who made FOGcon happen! Even though I didn't really do much con stuff, I was glad it was there.

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