WisCon Friday

Had an odd and kind of off-kilter day yesterday.

Did some day-job work in the morning, then a playtesting round of a boardgame Ben is developing. That was all fine. And in the afternoon, at the Gathering, spent a while playing the card game Slash with various folks, which went pretty well. (Someday I'll remember to post more about that game.)

But much of the rest of my day involved conversations in which I was just kind of out of sync with the discussion. Mostly I wasn't coming up with anything to say; when I did, it didn't quite seem relevant to what the others were saying; a few times I did have something relevant to say, and I opened my mouth and said a word or two, and then an interruption happened and after the interruption we were talking about something else, and I couldn't find a way to non-awkwardly come back to what I had wanted to say.

The conversations in question were otherwise good; people I like, saying interesting things, and I did ask relevant questions and got interesting answers. But I didn't participate much.

Stopped by a panel briefly; fun and worthwhile, but wasn't quite in the right mood to stay for the whole thing.

Saw various friends, mostly in passing. Didn't see various other friends who I hope to see this weekend.

Was pleasantly surprised to learn that there will be a Strange Horizons tea party at WisCon this year, after two or three years of not having one. Spent a little time poking through some posts on the SH blog that I'd missed; haven't been paying nearly enough attention to things there lately.

Had a nice chat with Sumana in the evening. Stopped by the remains of a few parties, around 12:30 a.m.; nearly everything had shut down and nearly everyone was gone from the public spaces by that time, which surprised me.

And then I figured I would spend an hour catching up on Facebook, doing day-job work, and preparing for my panel this morning, before going to sleep. Only of course I started with FB, and that took longer than I'd intended, and it led to my writing two long and ill-considered and overly vehement comments/responses to friends' posts. Didn't get anything else useful done (except a little reading for the panel), didn't do my daily fiction writing, didn't get to sleep 'til after 2 a.m. Woke up at 7, tense and unsettled; have been alternating between reading and trying to get back to sleep, but I'm awake now. May take a nap later.

FB per se wasn't really the problem last night, but I nonetheless think I'll be happier this weekend if I don't try to keep up with it. So I think I'm probably off FB until Monday or Tuesday.

My plans for the rest of the con:

This morning at 10, I'll be on a panel about Zilpha Keatley Snyder. Tomorrow morning at 10, I'll be on a panel about Agent Carter.

I also plan to attend the SH tea party and the dessert salon and Guest of Honor speeches. Will probably do my usual thing of sitting around outside the Floomp and admiring people's clothing and chatting with friends.

Other than that, don't think I have any specific plans. As usual at WisCon, will likely attend a few panels and go with wherever a given moment's inspiration takes me, and try not to get too caught up in adhering to Scheduled Plans.

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