Letters from Peter: Haircuts

More old letters! This time they're from my father to my uncle, apparently from the early 1970s. (They're all undated, argh, but some bits have some clues about dates.)

A couple of them were written from jail, where my father had gone for a few days because he couldn't afford the fine for having driven with an expired driver's license; he describes the conditions in jail, but mostly he's focused on religious stuff. (Long story.)

But the one I'm going to quote from today is, I think, from a couple years earlier (oddly in all lowercase):

joaquin had his first drink of water today--it was from crystal spring, coming off magic mt. tam near lagunitas, beautiful water... jed had his first haircut a week or two ago, when marcy asked him if he wanted it cut instead of her fussing with the tangles & he said yes... i cut it & brushed it & he looks more beautiful than ever... i had my hair cut by marcy a week ago, early beatle style, feels good... also shaved beard, left mustache... [and then in different ink, apparently added later, squeezed into the margin] father stuffed a $5-bill in my pocket, walked away fast, wouldn't say what it was for: asked mother, she sed it was for a HAIRCUT!

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