Woke up at 5 this morning, from an anxiety dream in which Arthur was chastising me for not having finished writing up peer reviews at work. (They're due today, but in the dream they were overdue.) Figured I would go in to work around 7, just for the fun of being there super-early for once, but got sidetracked, and had a bunch of tech issues to deal with, and finally stumbled in to work much later, and then discovered that I was so scattered that I had accidentally left my work laptop at home.

I was also so scattered that it took me two hours to come up with the word “scattered.”

Eventually did some work, came home, did some more work, lay down for a minute, and woke up three hours later, still groggy, from a nice dream about a big roleplaying game with a bunch of people I didn't know.

And now I need to eat dinner and finish writing peer reviews, lest the whole cycle repeat tonight.

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