General updates

Been a little scattered and withdrawn lately. Here are some notes on what I've been up to:

  • Finally saw a psychopharmacologist about anxiety. Have started taking Lexapro. It's only been a few days, so not expecting it to have much effect for a while yet.
  • Was a little sick on Friday, and again in a different way on Sunday. In retrospect, I think both may've been minor side effects of the Lexapro, but that didn't occur to me 'til later.
  • Hosted a bookcasewarming party. I mishandled it in various ways, but had some good chats, and got compliments on the bookcase, and discovered some previously unknown-to-me connections among friends, and I think people mostly enjoyed it.
  • Continue to be way behind on stuff at work, but in the past week have made a little bit of progress and started to dig myself out from under the mountain of overdue tasks.
  • I bought a new desk. Have been meaning to get a guest-room desk for years, but never found the perfect one. Finally decided a few weeks ago to just buy a non-perfect one that I liked, only to discover that it had been discontinued. Then I found one that I really liked a lot (at Hoot Judkins), and bought it. It was too big for the guest room, so I moved my own desk upstairs (disassembling it and reassembling it myself, which was really a mistake, but I did eventually get it done) and am now using the new one. It has drawers! I've finally put my mailing supplies, and my office supplies, and my art supplies, and my checkbooks, into desk drawers instead of leaving them strewn about the floor! I'm very pleased.
  • I was going to show off the desk during the party, but I failed to finish dealing with the remaining big piles of random stuff on the floor of my room, so I decided not to let people into my room. Oh, well, maybe I'll make some progress on that soon.
  • Last week, a lot of my time and energy was consumed by a distressing problem with a bank account, in which a lot of money got stolen via check fraud. I'll write more about that at some point, but for now I'll just note that in the end I got the money back.
  • I got my gutters cleaned a week or two ago; just in time, 'cause today it's pouring down rain. There's even been some thunder! The gutter guy pointed out that a bunch of my roof tiles are broken, but he said that my roof will probably remain waterproof for the time being, unless the weather gets really bad.
  • Have recently acquired several new nifty Rubik's-like puzzles. May try to post more about those sometime too, but not right now.
  • Started November with plans to finally make some progress on my novel, which has been languishing for months. I have worked on it a few times in the past week, but have not been doing so every day. Hoping I'll have more mental/emotional space to do that this week. Hope springs a turtle.
  • This coming Wednesday will be the anniversary of my father's birth and my mother's death, which always throws me a little, and may explain at least part of my recent intermittent off-kilterness.

I feel like there's more to say here—for example, about stuff I've been reading and watching, and guests who've visited recently, and various projects and plans, and so on—but I'm still a little muzzyheaded this morning and anyway I ought to get started on my day, so I'll leave it at that.

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  1. irilyth

    Hooooooooot Judkins!

  2. wild-irises

    Just saying hi and hoping things get easier!


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