Member Assistance Fund: Small donations welcome!

I posted yesterday offering to match donations to the WisCon Member Assistant Fund, to help people attend WisCon when they can't afford it.

Today I want to emphasize one specific aspect of this fundraising campaign: we welcome donations of any size. $15 donations, $10 donations, $5 donations—anything you can afford will help. (And whatever the size of your donation, my matching donation will double it!)

The community met last week's awesome matching challenge; thank you to all who contributed. As Chris W. noted in the WisCon blog at the time:

Another notable thing about this fund drive is that many of the donations were in the $10-$15 range. All donations add up! You absolutely don’t have to make “big” donations of $100, $500, or whatever dollars to make a difference. If you’re able to toss in only a few dollars, it all adds up and helps one more person.

So if you can afford to donate, even a few dollars, then stop by the WisCon blog and click the Donate button.

Thank you!

(And even if you can't afford to donate, or have already done so, another way to help is to share this post.)

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