Book catalogue update

I think we're done with the book cataloguing project, though I may still do a little more double-checking on a couple of things.

Final count: 2,928 books, not including ebooks or magazines or comic books. (But including graphic novels and chapbooks.) 400 of those are to be given away, and 38 are in the catalogue but missing from the physical shelves (probably mostly loaned out before I started tracking who I loaned books to), so that leaves about 2,500 that I have physical possession of and that I'm keeping.

At least for now. An embarrassing 900+ of those books are books I haven't read, or at least haven't finished reading. (I have an awful lot of omnibus editions, collections, anthologies, and the like, and in many or most cases have read at least some of a given book.) So I'm going through the unread ones at (for me) pretty high speed; if something isn't holding my interest by a couple dozen pages in, I'll start skimming. Of the 40+ books I've gone through so far this year, I'm keeping a little under half. So I anticipate that over time, more space will get freed up on my shelves.

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