Hamilton night!


I arranged a fair bit of my plans for the past few months around this (including extending my time off work); am really pleased that it's happening. Many thanks to Ada for making it possible! I'm disappointed that a bunch of people who were going to see it with us tonight are going to have to wait 'til next week, but very grateful that those folks were willing to postpone in order to let a few of us far-travelers go tonight.

Am preparing my Hamilton kit:

  • opera glasses
  • many Kleenexes
  • cough drops (my cold is much better, but probably still not quite entirely gone; but time between coughs is long enough now that I think cough drops will get me through the show)
  • excitement (still a little too groggy this morning to manage that, but I imagine it'll arrive before long)
  • songs running through head

I also have various other (minor, unrelated) tasks to work on today, but the show will be the main focus of the day. Yay!

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