Bradbury editions

I've wondered for years why new printings of the same old mass-market-paperback editions of Bradbury are still on the store shelves, with the type looking like it was photocopied from the 1950s editions. I keep hoping someone will do a modern mass-market-paperback edition.

But I've now discovered that for the past twenty years, HarperCollins has been publishing nice trade-paperback editions of a lot of his books, now also available as ebooks. So I think it may be time for me to upgrade from my old falling-apart mass-market copies.

Unfortunately, the description pages for the HarperCollins editions are rife with typos. For example, the description for The Martian Chronicles starts out:

Man, was a a distant shore, and the men spread upon it in wave...

I think there are four typos in that one sentence. And I found at least one obvious typo in each other description of a Bradbury book that I looked at on the HarperCollins site.

So I'm hoping that their proofreading was better on the books themselves. We'll see.

(I've reported the errors via their error-reporting system, and have asked them to have a proofreader take a look at all of the Bradbury-book description pages.)

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