Last night, after procrastinating all day on writing up my list of recent accomplishments at work (it was due yesterday), I sat down to do it around midnight, figuring it would only take half an hour or so.

But it turned out that it wasn't just a list of accomplishments that was due, it was a performance self-evaluation, and it took two and a half hours. Which was mostly fine; it led me to remembering a bunch of good stuff I've done in the past couple quarters that I would otherwise have forgotten to include. I was mostly pretty satisfied with the results.

But it meant that I didn't get to bed 'til nearly 3 am. And then I tossed and turned, and it was too warm despite turning on the fan and the air conditioner, and there were several time-sensitive things I had to be awake for this morning. So I made a to-do list for the morning, and set my alarm for 8:30, and eventually fell asleep.

And as usual on the rare occasions when I set an alarm, I woke up way before the alarm. In this case around 7:15, which I know is on the late side for many of you, but is well before I usually wake up even on days when I've had lots of sleep.

I was wide awake, so I started doing stuff, and I had a pretty productive morning, and got through most of the tasks I had listed last night. But now here it is 11 am and I'm beginning to feel the effects of having only had 4+ hours of sleep.

I could have some caffeine and try to just go on with my day. But I think I'm going to try napping first.

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