Weekend update

Had a good weekend. KTO visited. Among other things, we got dinner from Everest Cuisine (tasty Nepalese & Indian food) on Friday; I just finished off the last of the leftovers. The mushroom pakora and mushroom mutter were particularly tasty.

On Saturday, we went down to Santa Cruz, and lazed on the beach at Natural Bridges, and watched more pelicans and gulls, and stopped at Sockshop & Shoe Company (I just found out they have multiple locations! who knew?), and had dinner at Saturn Cafe. Traffic wasn't nearly as bad as last weekend, and the weather was nice as usual.

Every time I visit Santa Cruz, I'm tempted to move there; I wouldn't want to commute over the hill, but it sure would be a nice place to live some day. I don't know whether I would really manage to make it to the beach regularly if I lived near the beach, but I'd be interested in finding out.

Today, dropped Kat off at the airport, then came home and sat down to catch up on online stuff, but ended up napping on the couch instead. Later, made some progress on the letters-from-my-mother project, and read a bit of fiction, and started to write notes on a link I've been meaning to post but then it turned into a whole big blog post that required reading multiple long articles, so I've spent too much time on that and am going to put off finishing and posting it.

Have also been semi-obsessively checking hurricane stuff. Sympathies to all affected by the various hurricanes; I hope things are going as well as they can.

This evening: probably an episode of the Limitless TV series, maybe some work on photo-labeling project, maybe trying again to fix the mysterious issues with the SLF website, maybe trying to respond to various emails.

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