More great family-history material

Last night, I had dinner with family, and audio-recorded some family stories, and received two amazing troves of family documents:

  • My brother gave me a box of stuff that came originally from our father's parents (George & Helen). It includes letters that my brother and I wrote to G&H (at all ages, from too-young-to-write to post-college), letters that Marcy wrote to G&H, a story titled “Project Warlock” that I wrote (probably around 4th grade), some materials relating to Marcy's death, and 50+ old photos, most of which I had never seen before.
  • Our cousins gave us a box of stuff related to Marcy. It include's Marcy's father's military decorations (Marine paratrooper), and war ration books, and another 50+ old photos, most of which I had never seen before, including two amazing ones that are apparently from Marcy's parents' wedding, though I'm a little uncertain about that.

And the best part of that second great collection of stuff is that our cousins gave us a couple of DVDs containing converted-from-film video of my mother and my brother from visits in the 1970s and 1980s.

And one of those DVDs includes the very best thing of all:

Video of my mother when she was a kid, taken during an Atlantic City beach trip, probably sometime in the early 1950s.

I think this material is the only video footage we have of Marcy. It's a remarkable gift.

I'll post some of the video at some point, but might take a while.

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