Website redesign notes/progress

Clockpunk Studios has mostly finished redesigning my website, and I’m very happy with it. Now the main thing that remains to be done is my porting over all of my content to the new site, which will likely take me a couple of months, so I won’t be launching the new site for a while yet. But the design and coding work is essentially done. Jeremy and Jenn did an excellent job.

I started shifting material today, by porting the letters-from-Marcy-to-her-parents to a new blog about Marcy. (That’s a nice small self-contained piece, a good way to dip my toe into the porting project in a manageable way.) I’m not quite ready to link to it publicly—I want to ask Jeremy to make a few further small CSS tweaks first—but I successfully ported all 40+ pages and I’m pleased with the results. Will linkely link to it sometime in the coming week or so.

Next I’ll do the blog about Peter; that should also be pretty straightforward, and will likely go a bit faster. After that, a combination of Words & Stuff and Neology; integrating the two into a single blog will likely take a fair bit of time (especially because Words & Stuff is in the form of static HTML pages, not blog entries), but shouldn’t be too unmanageable. Then my other non-blog material (situation puzzles, and everything in my About and Things directories), then my blog. And Vardibidian’s blog at some point in this process, pending further discussion with him about it.

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