My favorite movies seen in 2017

I saw 59 movies in 2017, of which only about half a dozen were rewatches of movies I'd seen before.

My favorites:

1. Pride: Hilarious and thoroughly charming (and sad in places) movie-based-on-real-life about gay and lesbian folks supporting the mine workers in the 1984 strike in the UK. Laughed a lot, cried a lot. Thanks to Niall for recommending this (at least I think that was Niall), and I agree that it would probably make a great double feature with Made in Dagenham.

2. Coco: Gorgeous art, some great characters, good music (original songs were written by the couple who wrote the songs for Frozen!), a compelling story. Maybe slightly predictable in plot, but nonetheless really well done.

2. Hidden Figures: Really excellent in many ways. A little consolatory, and a little too much focus on Costner, and disappointing that it was written and directed by white people, and it takes some liberties with the facts; still, good stuff.

3. Logan: Overall really well done. Too violent for me, and didn't go where I expected, and not thrilled with the race dynamics. But Dafne Keen as Laura was amazing.

3. The Shootist: Really well done, and having Wayne in the lead role added significant real-world resonance. (Had seen this one before, a long time ago.)

4. Four-way tie: Central Intelligence, Predestination (based on Heinlein's “All You Zombies...”), Stage Door, Last Jedi. Am low on time to write up thoughts on these, so just listing them. But I liked them all quite a bit, with some reservations.

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