An unexpected journal

Have spent much of the past couple days porting my online Wanderjahr pages to the new website. It's going well, now that various issues have been ironed out. Will probably finish tomorrow, and may link to it at that point.

One of the posts included an inaccurate link to a particular movie's IMDB entry, and I couldn't remember seeing the movie at all. But then I remembered that I also kept a paper journal during that time, where I often wrote more about specific movies and such than I did in the brief summaries in the online pages. I looked on my bedroom bookshelf, but the journals weren't there, so I braved the garage; and sure enough, there was a box of journals.

Four of them were the Wanderjahr journals. I had forgotten that I had completely filled four handwritten paper journals during that year. (And made some tape recordings, too.) I looked at the relevant dates and found enough info about the movie in question to be able to correct the link.

But the box also contained some other stuff, including the first blank book I ever owned. On the first page, there's a note in my mother's handwriting indicating that I started writing in it in 1972, when I was four years old. Most of the writing consists of my very wobbly attempts to reproduce words written more neatly by my parents, such as "SPACE CAT." But there are also a couple of brief journal-like entries that I wrote when I was older; the latest one is dated 1983.

There's nothing particularly special about the stuff that I wrote there. But I'm pleased to have the book nonetheless.

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