Wanderjahr journal ported to blog format

I’ve converted my 1996-1997 Wanderjahr travelogue into a blog, using the new site design supplied by Clockpunk Studios.

I did this as a smallish self-contained project to prepare for porting the rest of my content to the new sites. Went pretty smoothly overall. While I was at it, I replaced all the old images with better versions, and added a couple dozen more photos that I had never previously posted, and corrected some typos; but aside from such changes, this is the same material that’s been in my online Wanderjahr journal for the past twenty years.

If you take a look, let me know if you run into any problems or errors. Also, feel free to post comments on entries, now that that’s possible.

If any of you want your names or other info redacted from the People page, let me know.

Don’t click the Kith bookmark/banner at the upper right; that’s not set up yet.

This isn’t the final URL of the site; that’ll change sometime in the next couple months, when I get everything else ported. But it’ll do for now.

Thanks much to Jeremy and Jenn for their site design!

I haven’t yet added redirects, so the old pages are still in place. Will likely add redirects soon.

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