An old post from Facebook’s “On this day” tells me that it was about three years ago that I started my posting-old-family-photos project. That’s turned into a whole big multi-branched family-history project, and I still have decades’ worth of photos of my father’s family to post. At a very rough guess, I think that’ll last for about another year.

And it was a year ago that I started posting photos of my stuffed animals. I see that at first the suggest-names-for-them thing was just a side aspect, not the main focus. Expecting to post the last of the stuffies in April or May.

Two years ago, I started posting Strange Horizons Flashback stories. I’m still interested in that project, but I lost momentum around halfway through the year, partly because only a few people were reacting to the posts. Picked that project up again midway through 2017, but drifted away from it fairly soon thereafter. Don’t know whether I’ll ever finish that.

And a post from a few years ago talked about being interested in learning more Spanish, which led to my ongoing intermittent Duolingo project; I still keep putting it down for too long at a time, but I also keep coming back to it, and I know a lot more Spanish now than I did when I started.

At any rate, these are all good reminders to me that sometimes I do follow through on projects and make steady progress on them over a period of time. I’m hoping that that knowledge will help boost me into making progress this year on three or four projects that I’ve been stalled on for too long. We’ll see.

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