One of them there meta-posts

One part of the point of switching to WordPress was that I hoped it would make it easier to post entries, and thus make me more likely to do so.

And then I went a couple of weeks without posting here.

Part of what happened is that I thought I had discovered that I had skipped a step in importing posts from the Movable Type blog, and I thought I was going to have to go through that whole process again, which was going to take a long time. Eventually I looked at things more closely and found that I hadn’t skipped that step after all.

Another part of what happened is that I had been hoping to use the iOS WordPress app to post, but it turns out that that app does things that look to Pair’s security systems like an attack, so using the app doesn’t work and gets my IP address blacklisted, and I have to call Pair and ask the to un-blacklist it. I need to look into possible ways to avoid that issue, but haven’t done so yet.

I’ve also been focused on various other things, such as getting new participants onboard in Words & Stuff.

But of course a lot of it is just that journaling requires time and energy, and removing barriers to journaling doesn’t remove that requirement.

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